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Ethics & AI: The Importance of Context

There are three requirements for making ethical choices: a background, a context, and an observer. What if we can’t tell whether our context is being created by human beings or by AI?

Ethics & AI: The Basics

Does AI have ethics? Artificial general intelligence (AGI) is still a dream. But generative AI (GenAI) influences and impacts our business choices and practices today.

Action in Language

Leaders use the tool of language to mobilize people to action. Can GenAI, with all its conversational capabilities, help?

Talking to Stones

Communicating a possibility you see is often an uphill battle. Not because you can’t explain yourself well, but because of the universally dangerous condition Jim calls “cognitive blindness”.

In my Lifetime

None of us really knows where the world is headed. So how do you, as a leader, talk about the future?

Where Did Sentience Begin?

The debate about whether artificial intelligence can—or will—become sentient continues. Meanwhile, here’s how to achieve some degree of serenity by taking charge of how you relate to AI.

Doomsday: A Dead End?

AI has hacked our reality. This alien intelligence is evolving at a remarkable pace. What can leaders do to avoid succumbing to doomsday scenarios?

Close Encounters

Now that AI has entered the picture, all bets are off. This article is a good place to begin to enter the conversation and move beyond all the positive and negative scenarios.

Serene Ambition

Flying blind in a permanent state of uncertainty? This article offers leaders grappling with our rapidly evolving “real-time world” a practical strategy for staying sane.