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How do we reinvent the world?

Transformation involves a shift in our way of being—from reacting to choosing. It begins with clarifying our assumptions about the world and confronting our systemic addiction to control.

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What is organizational transformation?

Only an individual can create a commitment. But others are needed to fulfill them.

What might we as leaders “unlearn” while navigating uncertainty?

Many assumptions and beliefs about leadership no longer make sense in today’s world.

Uncertainty Ahead
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What can you as a leader bring to situations fraught with uncertainty?

Confidence, commitment and curiosity. Together these provide a foundation for
bold and innovative action.

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What could you accomplish if you weren’t limited by what you think limits you?

Commitment transforms a promise into reality. It is action in language. It declares who you are, generates new possibilities for you and your organization, and drives change.

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What is your “North Star” when navigating change and uncertainty?

Moods are the context in which people observe their world. Moods—such as fear, anxiety, resentment, resignation, acceptance and ambition—reveal and conceal meaning and possibility.

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What is the source of freedom and power?

Leaders don’t have control over much of what happens. But they always have a choice in how to relate to everything, including circumstances, time, themselves and others.