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Reinventing Yourself: 3 Ways to Create a Better Future

Gay Hendricks, psychologist, bestselling author, and teacher in the field of personal growth, chats with Jim in episode 60 of The Big Leap Podcast about how he sees the world and how he approaches transformation.

Viewing Time: 49 minutes

Masterful Coaching: The Art of Management

Management as a discipline has a relatively short history. Adam Smith and James Watt laid the foundations of management thinking with their notions of division of labor, production standards and workflow in the 1700s. In the early 1900s, Frederick Taylor, the father of scientific management, outlined principles and methods of reliable production while Max Weber…

Viewing Time: 161 minutes

After the Pandemic with Phyllis Haynes

Jim Selman talks with Phyllis Haynes, award-winning documentarian and 25-year on-air broadcast veteran in network news and public affairs reporting, about who we are in the face of uncertainty.

Viewing Time: 31 minutes

What do you care about?

An inspirational and thought-provoking inquiry for our times

Viewing Time: 3 minutes

Thinking about the Nonsensical

A riff  inspired by the possibility of Trump becoming president.

Viewing Time: 6 minutes

Working Out

A riff on the value of exercise from a transformational perspective.

Viewing Time: 3 minutes

Love Poem

A visual representation of Jim reading the poem he wrote for his dying mother.

Viewing Time: 3 minutes

Transformational Parenting

Confessions of award-winning producer, director and actress Lauren Selman (Jim’s daughter) about growing up with a father who is revered as one of the top coaches in the world.

Viewing Time: 9 minutes

On Relationship

Jim and his wife Darlene share their thoughts on what causes pain in relationships and what has their marriage work.

Viewing Time: 5 minutes

On Love

An exploration of one of the most misunderstood words in language, why love is sometimes more difficult to receive than give, and how love and leadership are connected.

Viewing Time: 8 minutes

Being Yourself

Jim speaks to a group in Brazil about transformation as the act of changing our relationship to things, including ourselves, others, our circumstances and the world.

Viewing Time: 6 minutes

Creating the Possible Future

A riff on the reasons for transformation in organizations, fundamental conversations to have with clients, and why people almost always choose a possible future over a predictable one.

Viewing Time: 5 minutes

The Meaning of Surrender

Jim shares the 4 characteristics of our real-time world and explains the value of surrender, as distinguished from succumbing, to living in this emerging reality.

Viewing Time: 10 minutes

New Skills for Unpredictable Times

Jim defines the characteristics of our “real-time world” and some of the skills necessary for navigating increasing unpredictability and accelerating change.

Viewing Time: 6 minutes

Possible Futures & Media with Phyllis Haines

Jim discusses the role of media in our lives today and the possible roles of media in our future with Phyllis Haines, former host of “Straight Talk” for WOR-TV.

Viewing Time: 14 minutes

Transformation & Difficult Times with Phyllis Haines

Jim Selman talks with Phyllis Haynes, former reporter for ABC Evening News and Good Morning America, about the need to reconcile individual vision and commitment with the facts of reality.

Viewing Time: 12 minutes

Write Music You Cannot Play with Mike Rayburn

Jim Selman engages in an inspiring, wide-ranging dialogue with Mike Rayburn, award-winning artist, entrepreneur and Hall of Fame speaker, about setting goals that are “cool” and creating that “perfect” world we always talk about but never imagine is possible.

Viewing Time: 25 minutes

Paradigms & Energy with Gene Dolgoff

Jim interviews Gene Dolgoff, inventor of the LCD projector and the holodeck, about how our lives and what’s happening in the world follow the rules of holography and the basic laws of energy.

Viewing Time: 23 minutes

What Leaders Need Now with Val Williams

Jim chats with Val Williams, executive leadership consultant and master certified coach, about the shift from being a high achiever to becoming an “artist” focused on creating beneficial impact.

Viewing Time: 24 minutes

Inside Personal Growth with Greg Voisen

Greg Voisen, personal growth guru and host of the long-running podcast “Inside Personal Growth”, talks with Jim about living in a real-time world and his recently published book on the subject. 

Viewing Time: 47 minutes

What It Means to Be a Coach with Dr. Marc Cooper

Dr. Marc B Cooper, founder of MBC Consultants and co-author of The Elder, talks with Jim about his views on coaching, the coach-coachee relationship and what’s needed for coaching to succeed.

Viewing Time: 24 minutes