4. Love

By Jim Selman

Love is the fourth of five declarations made in the Eldering Ceremony.

If there’s a point to life, we can’t be certain what it is. None of us ever knows “the truth” about anything absolutely. However, each and every one of us knows from our own experience that, while there are many things that make life worth living, there is one thing that we all share in common: Love.

Love is the essence that enlivens everything. It seems easiest to identify when we share it with another, but it is in everything. It is a celebration of consciousness and life. Love is the opportunity to know another and to be known.

As the song goes, “Love is a many splendored thing”. It is a reason for living that is expressed and experienced differently by each of us in different moments.

Love is available all around us, through our relationships with others and in our relationship with ourselves. Every thought we think, every feeling we feel, everything we say can be experienced as Love.

Love is communication. It is giving and receiving, the ultimate sharing of ourselves in the circle of life. Love is what unites us all and makes anything possible.

The words we use to communicate our thoughts and feelings are more than just an expression of our relationships with ourselves and others. They reflect how available we are for each other and they inspire us to exceed our expectations of ourselves, to learn, to grow and to create a life filled with happiness, health and well-being, self-expression and a sense of being valued.

Take The Love Challenge

We challenge you to help others learn Love—to the fullest degree possible at every moment and in every situation. We thank you for your compassion. We ask that you continue to provide others with opportunities to find their own way and to share yourself and your wisdom with them on this journey.

To love and be loved is a choice. We challenge you to remember that you are the Chooser when you forget.

We ask that you be a teacher and a mentor to others of all ages in the domain of Love.

We ask that you stand for the possibility of loving and being loved throughout life for those who will follow.

Do you accept these challenges and this responsibility as an Elder in our world?

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