Aging as a Story

Aristotle once said, “Life is a likely story.”

So what story about aging do we want to live as we grow older? 

What age means isn’t about biology or the passage of time. It is true that our bodies will change and that someday we will die. But the meaning of age is dictated by our culture, our consciousness and our experience, and by how other people relate to us and how we relate to other people. The meaning we attach to it is purely an interpretation and, therefore, subject to being changed. It is simply a historically determined point of view that is neither true nor false. It need not determine what happens in the future—unless we give our power to it. If we do, the past becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy.

Some say aging is a state of mind. We believe it’s more powerful to view aging as a conversation. We don’t have a lot of control over what our mind does. It isn't easy to change. But we do have the ability to change our conversations.

What if ...?